Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Ross' Room Inspiration

When we found out it was a boy, we had our hearts and mind set on a crib already.  The Ikea Somnat Lime Green crib.  It wasn't even the price that sold me, it was the sleek design, color and size.
(this crib is also available in blue and pink!)

Additionally we fell in love with these black and white flannel sheets, I just wish they had more then 1 available! But I couldn't pass them up, the sheets are so unique, soft and add so much character to the room.

We currently live in a studio, which will be fine once the baby is born for awhile, since the baby would be sleeping and spending most his time in our room anyway it doesn't make a difference to us.
I just wish I could be decorating his room now, but without a room, it's difficult to start buying all the fun decor you come across.  Plus, since we will be moving across the county within the 5 months after I'd rather not haul anything more then we have to.

I love making design boards, this is my most recent inspiration board I've made.  I can't wait to have a room to start putting these ideas into action!  

One of my favorite ideas is the changing table.
This is a 16" x 30" Two Shelf Steel Service Cart by Harbor Freight Tools.
I'm not a big fan of any of the standard changing tables I have seen so far and the ones I do like I cannot bring myself to spend that much money for something that isn't even really a necessity. This service cart retails for $37.99, buy a changing pad for around $24 and a cool changing pad cover from for around $22 and you have yourself a very unique and affordable, custom changing table that it sure to add some serious character to your little ones room.  Plus, the tool cart can be used after your baby has outgrown it!

I love the idea of vintage shipping crates for storageYou can find a good selection of them on ranging in prices from $20 and up.  I fell in love with these rolling storage crates from 
2 of them retail for $188  I would get years and years of use out of these in any room in my house.  I think they are timeless and love the look.

Most of the artwork and posters I have come across have been on, you cannot beat the uniqueness and cost.  They have a never ending selection of just about anything you could possibly be looking for.

Here are a few of my favorites for his room:

My parents own the rocker we will be using and I absolutely love it.
I am so glad they still have it and we will be able to use it in the baby's room.  I think it will be the cherry on top in bringing the room together.
It's identical to this one:

I think once we move, I will start looking for a old dresser that I can refurbish and paint.  Craigslist is a great place for that and if you get lucky and live in the same selling city, you can find some AMAZING pieces on, I'd just rather not pay a arm and leg to have them shipped.  I love the idea of fixing up a old dresser with some new paint or stain and new knobs of my choice (there are so many cool ones out there!)

 Although I know this inspiration board will get bigger and bigger as I surf the web and I know some things may change by the time I am ready to purchase, this is a brief viewing into what I see our little boys room looking like.  Thanks for reading!